Competition Rules

  • Flanders’ Modelling Festival is open to all model builders. Membership of a model club is not required.
  • Awards can be won in each category: Winner (Gold), Highly Commended (Silver) and Commended (Bronze). These can be awarded several times in every category based on the allocated points.

In addition to these prices several special awards can be won.

  • Each entrant can participate in all categories with several models per category, but only the model with the highest score per category qualifies for a price.
  • All models must consist mainly of plastic or resin, except for the Figurines and Ships categories.
  • Models that are largely ’home-built‘ are considered Scratch. They can be assembled with all kind of material, as long as 60% consists of plastic or resin.
  • An entry is considered a Diorama when the base plate reflects special attention by addition of items such as figures, buildings, trees, other models and equipment. 
  • Juniors can choose to enter models, whatever subject or scale, in their category or in another category. However, in the last case the model will not be judged as a Junior entry.
  • Models that have already participated in the Flanders’ Modelling Festival cannot be entered again.
  • Every category will be judged by 2 jurors that are experienced model builders, who give points to the 5 best models. Jury members are not allowed to participate in a category where they act as a juror. 
  • Decisions made by the jury cannot be disputed, although the jury committee remains open to questions or remarks.
  • In case less than 3 models are entered in a category, these models will be added to the next, most similar category.
  • Jurors can move a model to another category if they consider the model has been entered in the wrong category.
  • Models can only be recuperated after the awards ceremony.
  • IPMS Antwerp cannot be held liable for any possible accidents or damage to models.

The subscription form can be found here.

Registration of Model Clubs

After registration you will receive an automated confirmation reply. Please note: this reply is not the confirmation of your reservation.

If you do not receive a reply within 15 minutes, the reply is most likely in your SPAM box. If not, perhaps the e-mail address has not been filled in correctly. In this case, try again with the correct data.

Remark: the sale of kits or other modelling articles is not allowed. 

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