New on this page : video report on the Flanders’Modelling Festival 2024

New on this page : a selection of models that competed in the Flanders’ Modelling Festival Contest 2024

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IPMS Antwerp

Learn to build scale models together with others in a fun and cozy environment. Whether you build tanks, trucks, airplanes, figurines or ships, everyone is welcome!

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voor plastic scale modellers

Building plastic scale models is nice and rewarding. If this is your hobby as well, IPMS Antwerp is the place to be. While some modellers prefer to build their models just by themselves, doing this with others is far more fun and enjoyable. Not just to learn from experienced modellers but also to share your knowledge with other builders. There are more modelling enthusiasts in the Antwerp region than you would expect.

Whether you build AFVs, trucks, airplanes, figurines or ships, at IPMS Antwerp you are welcome with your favourite subject in every scale. It really doesn’t matter whether you just (re)started model building, or you are a veteran modeller with ample competition experience.

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We meet every first Friday of the month at 8 PM. From January 2022 we will meet in Don Bosco Hoboken, the meeting room is located on the first floor above the toilets on the playground, to the right of Refter E!. Feel free to hop in during one of our club meetings. Please inform us in advance of your visit , so we can welcome you properly. 


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