Flanders Modelling Contest - Categories

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A1 Aircraft < 1/100
SA2 Standard Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters 1/72
MA2 Master Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters  1/72
A3 Aircraft and helicopters in diorama 1/72
SA4 Standard Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters 1/48
MA4 Master Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters 1/48
SA5 Standard Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters 1/32
MA5 Master Aircraft propeller, jet and helicopters 1/32
A6 Aircraft and helicopters in diorama  1/48 & 1/32 
 A7 Aircraft in vacu and scratch All scales

Military Vehicles

Military vehicles

< 1/35
M2 Military vehicles in diorama < 1/35
SM3 Standard Military vehicles straight from the box ≥ 1/35
MM3 Master Military vehicles straight from the box  ≥ 1/35
M4 Military vehicles conversions ≥ 1/35
M5 Military vehicles in diorama (small dioramas with only 1 vehicle) ≥ 1/35
M6 Military vehicles in diorama (big dioramas with more than 1 vehicle) ≥ 1/35
M7 Military vehicles conversions in diorama  ≥ 1/35
M8 Military vehicles scratch (diorama setting optional)   All scales

FMS Figurines Military - Single Figurine All scales
FFS Figurines Fantasy - Single Figurine All scales
FB Busts All scales
 FAV Figurines - Vignette (several figurines) All scales
 FAS Figurines scratch All scales
S1 Sailing ships All scales
S2 Motor ships navy All scales
S3 Motor ships civilian All scales
V1 Motor bikes All scales
V2 Cars < 1/20
V3 Cars > 1/20
V4 Trucks and heavy-duty equipment > 1/20
Various All scales
Juniors (-16 years of age) All scales
 NA Naked kit, completely build kits ready for painting All scales

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